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Hire Two Decades of Excellence to Craft Your Successful Applications

From the spark of an idea to successful launch, we build your application to meet your unique business challenges, using our own LiveCode platform. And once it’s built, we’ll still be there for you, for updates, maintenance and more.


Not just another app builder, we own, build and maintain the entire coding environment used to build your apps. Which makes us uniquely expert and fast at building great apps.

LiveCode Customers Include:

Lines open 9am to 5pm UK time.


What We Do For You

We turn your ideas into impactful solutions. Whether you need a web-based new workflow or dashboard to help organize your team, a new mobile inventory system for your warehouse, a system new point of sale system for acquiring customers, to convert an existing process being AI-driven, or a full consumer app in all the app stores, we can help.

We provide a complete service. We’ll help you clarify your initial ideas, through wire-framing, UI and UX design work, prototyping, architecting the app, handling databases large and small, syncing data, building, testing and delivering documentation, we can handle every aspect of creating your app or business system.

It doesn’t stop with app delivery. We also offer maintenance contracts, escrow agreements and an update program for your app. We pride ourselves on being there for you every step of the way, for as long as you need us.

AI Integration

We understand the growing importance of AI in the digital landscape. Whether it’s enhancing user experience, automating processes, or providing data-driven insights, our team is equipped to integrate AI into your project, ensuring your app stays ahead of the curve. Want an app that writes its own reports from user input data? We’ve done that. Want an app that searches for answers using AI? We’ve built it. Want an app that helps to generate visual content from a text based description? We can build that too.

We Develop 3x Faster Than Traditional Tools

LiveCode is not only incredibly fast and efficient to build apps in, it covers a vast range of features natively, is flexible, powerful, amazingly cross platform and can be easily extended to add any feature. It excels at being the “glue” between platforms. This means your app gets built fast, without compromises. It also means it doesn’t have to be built twice to deploy to a huge variety of platforms and devices. It’s a fabulous choice to build your powerful app or extensive and complex business system in. It’s also amazing at knocking out smaller apps fast. While time savings can vary from project to project, on average the development phase of your project will be 3x faster – and less expensive. We also work with a full range of other technologies, including any code library, Restful API or existing data source.


Why Us?

We are the creators and custodians of the LiveCode language and platform, and have been for over 2 decades. This makes us uniquely expert in creating all kinds of apps from hugely complex to sweet and simple.

Out of thousands of app building companies, only a tiny handful can say they build and maintain the language that the app is built in. That same system has been used by names including KLM, NASA and the Wood Group and by thousands of SMEs.

Expertise That Matters

Over 20 years of industry experience focussed on delivering your app

Customisation at Its Core

Get your app perfectly aligned with your business goals.

3x Faster

The combination of our low-code platform and multi-platform support means the development phase of your project is typically 3x faster.

Proven Success

Creators of the renowned LiveCode platform and numerous successful client projects.

Any Platform

Build once and deploy to Android, iOS, Web, Mac, Windows and Linux with ease. Add cloud and server integration, all in one language.

Communication is Key

LiveCode Ltd is based in Scotland, UK. We are not just developers, but innovators and problem solvers. When you hire us, you get a team of English speaking experts who are a joy to communicate with.

Client Testimonials

Hear from businesses that have transformed using our service.

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